A highlight from Do You Truly Have What It Takes To Succeed? (Part 3)


And we are back Juliet is April 13th, and we're finishing up our points that we had that we started actually open like at 3. We're we're talking about characteristics of peak performer. And do you have what it takes to succeed? And if you're not listen to previous to podcasts on this topic, please go back and listen to those points. And when you're listening to these points pay very close attention to the points that make you slightly uncomfortable cuz those are chances are those are where your growth needs to be. So remember that guy's wherever you're resisting the most is where your growth needs to be. So when Julian I are reading these points do you guys today? Please do go through your, you know mental Rolodex and ask yourself monitor your emotions and if you feel a little, you know building up of anxiety in your gut chances are that's something that your subconscious mind is telling you you really need em, all down on makes sense really does and if you missed the previous two podcast get caught up on points one through twelve because we're starting on point number thirteen. We're talking about Peak performers certainly with regards to real estate, but In life and success in general Peak performers know that passion is a fleeting emotion and that they do not need to feel passionate to be successful as such a profound point. This is point number thirteen, you think thirteen a good wait till you hear the rest of them but also go back and listen to the previous twelve points. So Julie, let's talk about really what the point of you know work is so one of the everyone there's this belief that page in order for you to be successful. You have to be passionate about what it is that you're doing and we know from having, you know done tens of thousands of coaching calls. That is absolutely not true. That's now it is generally speaking. If you think you have to be passionate or to be successful at something and the passion is a heightened state of you know, heightened emotional, you know way of feeling and you don't feel that way what you're going to then do not actually do what you don't want to do when you don't want to do it the highest level cuz you don't feel passionate and that's where this advice of telling, you know, where people say, you know, follow your passion and the money will follow it's a complete lie. It's just not true. And now let's be clear you can be passionate for what comes as a result of having actually become a true expert at something. You can be passionate for the time you get to spend with your family passion against the for the things you get to do in your community passionate for frankly the money and the freedom that it builds for you as you become rich for your money works for you and you no longer have to work for your money, but there's very very few professions jobs where people become really really successful where they're passionate about what they do and really give the example of basically being a musician sure. I mean, there's there's lots of concerts. I can look back at our pieces of music or assistance is that that was a pretty passionate thing. That was awesome. That was an amazing experience the concert itself. That was the result right of the work it took to get there. That's a succinct as I can make that so, yep exactly. It's like what I was listening to an interview with I forget what kind of it won't be any was but he was going about describing how you know, when people see him perform he's winning his medals. He basically that whole his whole birth Four minutes while he's doing his timed whatever it lasts like a matter of like 3 to 5 minutes and that's done. I'm sorry listeners. I don't remember exactly what it was maybe skiing or something. So when it's done it's done, but he said what they don't see nobody sees her all the countless hours of misery. He was describing just you know, sounded awful sound like torture self-imposed torture just so that he can have experienced. There's 3 to 5 minutes wages pleasure. And that's when he actually feels that the passion part which was the result of the hard work that he put in of doing the you know, the weightlifting the working out. I remember listening to an interview with Michael Phelps where he was talking about. You know, how boring it is flashing Blue Water for eight hours a day you imagine the same color? Yeah for eight hours a day. Yep, but he was talking about that's what it takes. That's the practice that it takes to get the result that you want. So I think that people get distracted by thinking the passion should be applied to the work and they use that as the excuse because I don't feel passionate and most commonly we here I don't feel passionate about being a salesperson they get that all twisted birth. When in fact you're focusing on the wrong thing be passionate about the results that you get from helping people at the highest level. I'll even go as far as to say if you're looking to feel passion with what you're doing in your business. You're going to run a very very financially a bad business. You're going to make something that is essentially not really a business. It's going to be more about a bunch of emotional experiences that you're trying to put together and I think that's a lot of the reasons that some of you guys are so addicted to social networking right you get that little hit of endorphins when you're doing a video and you go and see what people liked it or their comments on it all the rest of it taste of passion for about 20 seconds. Well, it's a little it's a little psychological, you know, neurological, you know hit that's what they like sure. But again, that's not work guys real work is where you're actually learning how to be a proactive lead generator off or ultimately solving other people's problems. So please for not even for a second you believe that you have to passionate to be a successful and I'll go as far as to say that if you really really want to be successful at something. It's awful. Better not to be passionate about the actual thing that you're doing be the best at what you're doing and that does not necessitate you being passionate about it being passionate for the results that come of it and real estate the results that we would prescribe have you be in pursuant is having enough profit from your business.

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