Republicans Work to Rebrand GOP as Party of Working Class


Donald trump brought more working class voters into the republican party than any other president since ronald reagan now. Republicans are trying to figure out how to keep them. The working class vote will be crucial in next year's midterms. Here's npr congressional correspondent. Susan davis in the last decade. The biggest growth in the republican coalition has been white voters without a college degree along with some growth with similarly educated black and hispanic voters. that's why republicans. Like indiana congressman. Jim banks believe the only winning path forward for the gop is to fully reimagined itself as the party of the working class and if republicans want to be successful as a party when the majority in twenty twenty two win back the white house and twenty twenty four. I think we have to learn lessons that donald trump taught us now to appeal to these voters. Banks is the chairman of the republican study committee but conservative faction in the house. long rooted. in small government low taxes and social conservatism. He recently sent a six page memo to house. Minority leader kevin mccarthy making the case that republicans need to refocus their agenda. Almost entirely on working class appeals for banks. This means tougher immigration laws cracking down on china big tech and perhaps most provocatively for republicans corporate america for too long the republican party said into the narratives that republican party was party of business or the party of wall street. Republicans are increasingly comfortable attacking corporations these days. That's a lot easier for them. After wall street donors gave more to joe biden. Major companies halted political donations to republicans who objected to electoral college results on january six and is companies take more liberal positions on controversial issues like georgia's new voting law senate minority leader mitch. Mcconnell last week issued a rare verbal rebuke of companies that oppose the law. Warning if you will to corporate america's to stay out of politics. It's not what you're designed for.

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