A highlight from KSP-163 - Francis Coppola and North Beach CitizensA Neighborhood Vision


Kitchen sisters present is brought to you by progressive one of the country's leading providers of auto insurance with progressives. Name your price tool. You'll say what kind of coverage you're looking for and how much you wanna pay and progressive will help you find options that fit within your budget. Use the name your price tool and start an online quote today at progressive dot com price and coverage match limited by state law think about francis ford coppola. Many movies the godfathers the conversation apocalypse. Now one from the heart. The rain people the outsiders rumble fish struck. Ula had that his winemaking in the six hotels use created around the world and this month marks the twentieth anniversary of north beach citizens. The organization francis spearheaded in this neighborhood in san francisco to grapple with alive lives and needs of homeless people. The young housed of the community. Normally at this time of year some four hundred people gather in the basement of saint. Peter and paul's church near washington square park for an epa community dinner the raises the funds to keep their vital services open. The pandemic has been hard on the young housed and lowering camaldoli in this neighborhood. Raising the numbers of people coming for assistance by some sixty eight percent in north beach alone. The need is great today. The kitchen sisters present francis coppola and north beach citizens. A neighborhood fishing. I used to walk to the sentinel building. In north beach. Coming down from broadway and columbus. I would see of panhandlers and homeless people. Of course feeling. It was my neighborhood. Really be concerned that you know that they were just treated like refuse. And i would think in my mind as i walked past them. I mean there is no such thing as human refuse. What outrageous thought. These are people who for one reason or are there have been down on their luck or they have mental problems or diction problems or alcohol problems or just personal problems. And they haven't been able to navigate their way out of it for a million different reasons. This francis coppola. That's why we were hatched. North beach citizens francis ford coppola and are living up on telegraph hill. And he would come down. Who's writing the script at cafe trieste and he would go down to the sentinel building and check in at work. The people that were in this neighborhood he would see every day so he started checking in with them and seeing how they're doing and getting to know their names and he just felt like they were hours part of our community i'm christie fairchild executive director of north beach citizens for twenty years served as the only homeless provider in a new north east district of san francisco. So barbary coast the wharf aquatic park around the embarcadero over the market financial district up russian hill. Chinatown north beach. North beach was two years Entertainment area at sort of bohemian tradition grew up around what was really the shore because the water was much closer when they refer to north beach. It wasn't beach was where boats came and semen looking for a good time. The famous era of the clark gable will be san francisco when it was on pacific avenue. And there were those are credible. Honky-tonk clubs then moved to north beach and mingled with many forces. The new generation was showing up. I have eaten hot dogs in ballparks. I have heard the gettysburg address and the ginsburg address. I like it here. And i will go back where i came from i to have ridden boxcars boxcars boxcars. There were all kinds of wonderful clubs so it's always been an entertainment area and as that would have crowds and tourists naturally attracted panhandlers ultimately evolved into the modern homeless period. And i would see these people. I imagined that there was like a pyramid of troubled people at the tip of the pyramid. There were a few who were really not so far gone that they were still present than in in in control of faculties. Who knows maybe it was two or three at the tip of the pyramid and then under them was say another twenty or thirty who were less together but under them there was two hundred people who had serious problems if you could work and focus on that tip at the top. Then you could employ them to tackle the next level of people. And then as they became redeemed you could have them be involved in and redeeming the next level of more people in that because they had come from those same maladies. They would be more understanding and able to be more helpful. I came up with north beach citizens because the call them citizens imply that they were part of the community. Which i felt. They were raised. This chris are street cleaners or coming in for our program in the afternoon and vote and both of them were formerly homeless and therein. Part of our core clientele. I'm here for my bog. Tier job satisfies my getting northeast beautification beautifying hurt street sweep and trashes bag it up. And then you victor that nobody steps on glass rating. I mean i think the mothers mothers the kids you know. And they're walking on the street inside walking on a sidewalk. And i'm like you know what we'll get the sidewalk. Perfect raise a veteran so his access point for housing was because he was a veteran and chris was because he was so long on the streets chronically homeless than both of them are house now which is awesome and we got them in and they trusted us with their their lives. I would say you know they. They didn't have to feed me my dangers. Who got stolen okay. Yeah we started with their ideas. They've never had an idea in california. We get them a birth certificate. You know health and medical benefits food stamps. Medical and on a daily basis having them come in serving food inside getting them nutritional support every day. How are you morning. She's picking up someone for the food. I'm andrea salerno with north beach citizens. And i am street beautification supervisor. There's probably about like twenty people on the role. They have like an hour and a half shift. They're going out to certain areas in the community store on there. As homeowners can call areas that they think are messy will send someone there and helps them because they receive hours for their benefits and also we give them a safeway gift cards. They can buy groceries and we always make them lunch and make sure they will take care of them fed and then lets people connect with their neighbors. Even if

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