Allen Klein: A Jollytologist Shares His Wisdom on Finding Wonder


I'm your host terry. Well brock and so super thrilled to have with me today. Alan klein and alan is an author speaker. And got this word right now. John lee tala gist. So welcome allen. Well thank you for being here I mean me being there are whatever wherever we are in cyberspace right now so thank you. Thank you for having me on your Podcast oh absolutely. I'm so happy we connected Yes it's it's going to be a soul connection. Because i am not person that walks outside and if i see the lady bug crawling i always stop and say oh. Hi little buddy and just appreciate that moment. Yeah i love ladybugs. I also when i grew up I grew up in new york city and we will go to the country. The catskills every summer. And there would be firefly's i don't know if you've seen firefly's in person but oh my god it was like little flashlights. Flying around the air and they were so amazing. And i remember as a kid i wanted to save it so i put some in a jar and they took it into my room and went to bed and watch right before you know watching them. Go around of course by by the morning. They're all dead. I got my all moma deadliest Not so great for the firefly but right. We learned as kids we. I grew up in cincinnati. And so it was. We were on the outskirts of the city. And so but we have firefly's but when my uncle who lived out in the country with his cows and we would sit out there and i was amazed because all of his woods. It was so dark out there in the country without the city lights. It would just look like a. Yeah like just a a light. Show going on with these with these firefly's but we learned when we put them in jars retook a knife and we poke holes in the top on it and then they were able to breathe and instill lived so

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