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Print issue of the entrepreneurs which comes out next month which is of course the wonderful spin off of the radio. Show that i do host and i have to say tom this week. I've been very much wearing my print. Not something. I do very often but lending a hand there which is very exciting for me. It's a different muscle to exercise on your point about the brain spinning a little bit. So that's been fun and very much keeping me busy this week until muscles demille has entered the latest stage of its lockdown. Easing this week and it seems like lots of muscles are being exercised in lots of different places across. The country will have time to discuss some of that before the end of the program today but daniel onto add greater heavy. Both with this on the program today. Well let's begin today with a story that speed developing in the united states where the center for disease control and the food and drug administration. The fda announced earlier today that they're pausing the use of the johnson and johnson corona virus vaccine as they investigate a possible link with rare blood clots. Ed what's the latest information that we have about this movie that was made or announced. I should say little earlier today. Yeah i mean. We now know that johnson johnson is gonna delay You know they were just by authorities in the us to to take this pause as you mentioned due to Some blood clots that are being investigated and and now johnson. Johnson's made this decision to delay. the rollout of of the vaccine here in europe. And obviously. That's that's a big deal especially as well certainly looking at it. From my point of view from italy we know that the country's been extremely behind not so long ago Just a couple of weekends ago. There was a big article and of public about the over. Seventeen that haven't had vaccinations. It's been a real fiasco and very uneven according to regions as well and the government of mario draghi in. I'm speaking from an italy perspective but it could be applied to lots of different countries We're really hoping that. Johnson johnson would be one of the vaccines that was sort of roy aid to the aid of european countries. That really need to opt the number of jobs they have an also you know just generally the speed if that to catch up with some of the countries that are pulled far had the uk. Hey and israel included and so it will be interesting to see what happens from this and and it's know. It's easy to to see a par between the plight of the johnson johnson vaccine. And what's been happening with astrazeneca. The fact that are astrazeneca have a low very extremely low instance of of potential blood coating. And i guess they're investigating whether the same is true of this johnson johnson vaccine. But of course we've had discussions on this radio about whether the good as the possible side effects the for the fact that you know these seem to be a very small numbers and you're more likely to actually die of a blood clot from getting corona virus than than one relating to the vaccine. Seems so to sum up We'll have to watch this space carefully. But a potential blow to the us but also to countries all over the world the global south europe accenture that you know there were banking on this johnson johnson vaccine to really up the number of people in that populations receiving a job. Let's hope it's only a temporary pause and that things will be able to continue as normal very soon while that said we will be monitoring developments in the us around johnson. Johnson kuroda virus vaccine in the days to come here on monocle twenty four. But let's stay in the united states now for our next story here on the late edition when the us state of minnesota unrest has continued for a second consecutive night following the shooting of twenty year. Old dante right on sunday by police officer on patrol in the city of brooklyn center which is a suburb of minneapolis. The police yesterday stated the shooting had been an accident that the officer involved intended to reach for her taser but at fired her gun instead. Donyell the mayor of brooklyn center last night. Call for those demonstrating on the streets of the city to go home. How else is the city. And its police responded so far to the rest that is continuing well quite swiftly tomasz to the point there's been a few dozen arrests already and the mayor first black mayor for brooklyn center. Mike elliott who. We've seen in the media wearing that which seems to be trademark this week. His blue baseball cap has taken over control of the police. After the city manager Was was fired over this We've obviously heard Calls from as far away as the white house and his high up is the white house That's there needs to be calm and and the usual things like We we don't wanna see looting and and people breaking the curfews. But i think we're really at a boiling point here to mawson and people have been quite angry so the the reaction hasn't been hasn't been very violent or or widespread. But you know there. Is that potential based on whatever. The response here is From minnesota the police And their initial response explanation for the shooting was that the officer meant to use her taser. Probably an explanation. That doesn't really sit well with people. Considering that was an officer that has been on the force for twenty six years. That seems seems a stretch for a lot of people. I mean the the brooklyn center mayor. Mike elliott has called this shooting unfathomable and it it really is in a sense. Especially at the time were at with the garrick. Chauvin murder trial Being held in the center of the bigger city. And that you know that this has happened again where a seemingly routine traffic stop has ended in. The death of a young black man is is is just not acceptable to a lot of people. So i think we could see a lot more demonstrations and and i think calls for people to not break the curfew or have their voices heard. I don't think are going to go. Very far to moss and all of this is taking place in the greater minneapolis area. Where the trying to derek chauvin. The former police officer has been charged with killing. George floyd last year is underway. While we've been talking. A statement has come through from the office of president. Barack obama on from lady. Michelle obama.

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