How to Have Strong Ideas

Badass Agile


Let's talk about having strong ideas. Any business lives or dies on the strength of its ideas. It doesn't matter where those ideas come from and those ideas don't have to be just new products new services. They don't have to be marketing ideas. They don't have to be gigs or schemes. It can be as simple as solution through problems in unique ways so while ideas can definitely impact your product and service development is an organisation. They can just as easily impact your processes your people your blockers your opportunities your markets and they can happen at every level of the organization. There is no problem too. big too small. We will always need a fresh supply of strong ideas. Ideas that enable survival culture market domination expansion. All these things are crucial to a business's growth especially in the time that we live in. I care way less about your fidelity to any agile or scrum process and more about your ability to execute on ideas to have ideas to have visions and then convert them to execute -able backlogs quickly. I don't care what you say. Speed to market matters. And don't let anyone in your organization tell you different. So how do you have strong ideas. Great ideas influential ideas. Here's some tips for you number one. Never wait for perfect ideas. They're not coming. I've said this many times before going to say it one more time if you're not in the practice of writing your ideas down every day for fifteen minutes and whatever you got if you don't get up fresh in the morning and somehow record the things that pop out of your head. It really doesn't matter when you do it but try to get in touch. With what time of day is your most creative time and build the important habit of just writing this stuff down

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