Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Teases Presidential Run


Told you this yesterday. The rock set of the people want him to run for president. He will run for president, and in recent survey, almost 50% of Americans said they would approve of the rock running. President. What 50% of those that responded how many responded That 50% of 340 million people. You're not saying that early Look. You get the right 50% or even less than 50%. As we've learned you could become commander in chief here. So how many people what zits? Come on, I don't know. But if the guy who was the host of the apprentice of the guy who was the Terminator if those guys can do things Wouldn't put it past the rock. Anyway. Here's an NBC report and the rocket the end exclaiming. If the people want it, he will give it to them. Take a look. Not sure our founding fathers ever envision. 264 Ball tattooed half black, half Samoan guy joining their club Johnson tweeted in response. But if it ever happens it be my honor to serve the people. Johnson has been hinting at a run for some time, his new show, young rock positions and older rock running for president. But our guiding light will always be our shared values and love of country. Johnson also spoke to Willie Geist about presidential ambitions for an upcoming Sunday Today stores in our dividing country there aren't that many people we all agree on anymore. So is that something that still interests you, Dwayne? So I do have that gold to unite our country. And I also feel that if this is what the people want,

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