A highlight from Dr. Peter Attia on Perfectionism, Self-Discovery, and Emotional Wellbeing


When i lay on my deathbed which i hope is fifty years from now. But maybe it's a year from now. We don't know how these things turn out. But i actually think that when. I look back from my deathbed this thing. I will be most proud of hands down. Won't be any swim won't be any Any body of you know literature won't be any anything i've done as a doctor won't be any other things. It will be the decision to basically Challenge every existing belief that got me to a certain point in life. And say you're gonna you're gonna go back and revisit all of that and and and potentially completely change who you think you are so that you don't have to be a slave to that mentality. Welcome back or welcome to the finding mastery. Podcast a michael javale in by trade and training sport and performance psychologist now the whole idea behind these conversations behind this podcast is to learn from people who are on the path of mastery to better understand what they're searching for to understand their framework. How did they make sense of themselves. Had they make sense of events around them. What are they searching for in life. What are the activities and events that they purposely put in their life to be able to test themselves to excel. And we really wanna understand. How do they use their mind to be able to refine their craft and also explore self mastery. And if you want to learn more about how you can train your mind which is right at the center of these. Conversations is just a quick little reminder to check out the online course that created with the head coach of seattle. Seahawks carol at finding mastery dot net ford slash course okay. This week's conversation is with dr peter attiyah. He's a physician. Focusing on the applied science of longevity he earned his m d from stanford university and holds a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering and applied mathematics. He trained for five years at johns hopkins hospital in general surgery where he was the recipient of several prestigious awards including resident of the year and the author of a comprehensive review of general surgery. And you hear his attention to detail in his logical sequential framework that he sees his craft through and that jumps out in this conversation. So peter has since been mentored. By some of the most experienced in innovative lipid allah just endocrinologist gynecologists sleep physiologists and longevity scientists in the united states and canada and so his practice primarily deals extensively with nutritional interventions exercise physiology sleep physiology emotional mental health and pharmacology to increase life span. Which is the delay of onset of chronic disease while simultaneously improving health span. Which is the quality of life in this conversation. We discuss peter's journey. His battle perfectionism his quest to reinvent himself and we also get into why emotional wellbeing is the thing that interest him the most right now. So peters downright one of the best in the world that what he does. And i think you'll be fascinated to see how mine works and we also cover a lot of ground on things that you can do to improve the quality of your life as well and if you're looking to learn from others who are also best in class at what they do and you're going to really enjoy what masterclass has to offer with masterclass. You can learn from the world's best minds anytime anywhere at your own pace. And i've really enjoyed the anna wintour and frank gehry in jimmy chen classes. And you can listen to jimmy chen on one of the previous finding masters as well but whether you're interested in writing or business leadership cooking sports or almost anything there's a masterclass designed for you and so these classes are shot beautifully and their instructor roster. It's stacked they offer over one hundred classes. That includes phil ivey bob.

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