A highlight from BOX320: A Warehouse Of Potential Babies


What follows may not be suitable for all audiences. Listener discretion is advised Of stories stories of mysteries of curiosities joy in an giang through gilligan tov strange the boozers the unexpected as the lid and russia sleep. You're inside the box. Oddities as the curator jazzed. The curator is beyond jazzed. It's like if jazzed were right here. The curators would be way way over there. So we've got our show coming up or very excited about this. It's gonna be weird. I mean there's a reason that it's called the freak show Because not just because it's for the freaks but because it's it involves some very freak show eat. i think that's true freakshow ish. There are things in it that we tell stories which is kind of what we do anyway. But because there's a visual element for the loop show you're going to see some preity freaky stuff and the curators is going to be available to chat with you before the show. So how bad is that well. I know the curator. And i can tell you. It's pretty rad. He's great also. He's got a really cute dog but that's not really the point of i. Guess what we're talking about right now. The curator has a dog named sally. I love sally. Yeah so we're super jazzed. And the curator's jazzed. Everyone's just basically is the point the loop show. It's on the seventeen the saturday. This is the last podcast show before the loop show that has snuck up. Yeah so if you don't have your tickets get him get him get him get him going to wear. I figured out what i'm going to wear. Yeah i'm braggart. Have i've got. I've gotten that far anyway. Well at least the pants part. All the details at the box of audit dot com. And if you want to just go to the looped website loops there you can see all the upcoming shows. They've got some really cool stuff lindsay coming to have a show coming up too. That's true too. Yeah all kinds of stuff so check it out. The box of oddities dot com. Get your tickets and we will see you saturday late. I of something else to say about the luke show. Sorry what is that all right so someone had asked. How does this luke thing work and there's a whole like how to write on the looped website and when you sign up and get your ticket they'll send you like all the details so it's not something you're gonna be like. I don't know how to do this. Of course you do. You're very smart. Yep anyway that's it. That's the last thing i had to say about that. Okay good now can i. Can i talk about how great your eyebrows look you. May they looked great. You got them done for the show. Yeah first time in a year in a year denver. Tell you about my aunt doris when she got her. She skinner eyebrows done a lot. I don't think so and pretty much used them up she. I literally don't know what that means. She was getting older. And i think it had something to do with hair loss or something. I don't know but but she used to get her eyebrows done all the time and they stopped growing in. Oh yeah yeah yeah. I know a lot of us. And i when i say us i mean us. Elder millennials. We suffer from that. Because you may remember during the nineties thing where it was just like this tiny little one one hair meets one hair needs one hair and it was just a string of singular brow. Hairs that made your eyebrow it was very upsetting but a lot of suffer from Incapability of growing back eyebrows. I have to use a serum. it's a thing. My aunt actually went as far. Somebody talked her. i think it was her granddaughter. Something talked her into getting tattoos highbrow tattoos but she's frugal and didn't want to spend a lot of money on it so she went to yano some cheap cheap cheap to place and they screwed them up and now she just looks horribly surprised all the time on now. You don't look that way at all. Thank you thank you for clarifying. You just want to point that out that why should probably do a story Yeah okay last year in twenty. Twenty tina in bend gibson gave birth to a little girl named molly. Okay i guess. Probably tina was the one that gave birth. Is it wrong that my first reaction was never had a desire to have children. And that's okay that's cool. I'm just kidding. It's a beautiful thing. I mean it can be. It's also pretty gross. I mean biologic. Okay anyway yeah so great job getting it done when when when Well that that's the thing is that there was no shooting it in now. Yeah when tina gave birth to molly. She was only two years older than molly. Okay so tina and ben had a baby yes in the ban. I assume the tina wasn't too. That's a good deduction okay. So it wasn't a baby. That tina and ben grew together. Akzo correct. okay. You're trying to lure ma'am this shock and awe thing shocked a.

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