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Clots late today. The critical vote delayed and worries among those who've gotten the shot president biden announcing a full. Us withdrawal from afghanistan by september eleventh. Saying it's time to end america's longest war the president visiting the graves of us troops saying look at the mall in washington the mixed reaction and rescue mission after a ship. Capsizes off louisiana and bernie madoff the conman behind the biggest ponzi scheme in history. His best behind bars. This is nbc. Nightly news. with lester holt. Good evening everyone. The calls for justice for dante right. Where answer today though. Not to the extent his family hoped a brooklyn center. Minnesota police officer who for twenty six years served in blue today wearing orange. Jail mugshot facing charges of second degree manslaughter. In the death of the twenty year old black father and was over in seconds the struggle the shout taes her as your taser. And then the lethal shot from a very real gun in the hands of officer kim potter who was white prosecutor's decision to charge something less than murder a disappointment to some activistsho question. How highly trained police officer could confuse a service weapon for a taser ron allen. Is there tonight with reaction and late details tonight. Boomer police officer. Kim potter's arrested and jailed facing a charge of second degree manslaughter. In the death of twenty year. old dante. Right in a statement prosecutors say potter abrogated her responsibility to protect the public when she used her firearm rather than her taser her action caused the unlawful killing of mr right and she must be held accountable hotter

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