South Korean Battery Makers Reach Settlement in US Trade Dispute


South Korean battery makers say they've reached an agreement to settle a trade secrets dispute over electric vehicle battery technologies. Johnny Kauffman from member station W. A. B reports. The announcement comes just hours before President Biden's deadline today to decide whether to reverse a U. S. International Trade Commission decision. The South Korean company SK Innovation is building an electric vehicle battery factory in northeast Georgia. But the U. S International Trade Commission ruled against SK Innovation in a trade secrets case, blocking the company from doing new battery business for a decade, although President Biden could overturn that ruling. That Wilson is Georgia's economic development commissioner were absolutely excited about what s K is going to bring to Northeast Georgia, and we are hopeful that the bite administration is going to recognize that an overturned the NTC decision. The Biden administration has said Little about the case publicly for NPR news. I'm Johnny Kauffman in Atlanta.

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