A highlight from The Passing Shot x TNNS Live Scores App partnership announcement!


Hello everyone jolt. I came here. We teased on our elast. Catch up that we have some exciting used to tell our listeners about mid-week and we can now reveal that news on that news. Is we robert. Excitingly gonna be partnering with the tennis. Live scores app. Some of you may be using it. Some of you may not have ever heard of it but the life school seed sausages as it was a complete disarray. The atp wti live schools completely ceased to exist. But fortunately our your came in the tennis live schools app. And we've been in contact. We've been speaking over the last couple of weeks in terms of how we can help each other. We very much both rooted not by fans four fans category and we are coming together and partnering and joining forces moving forward. Yes fair to say joe. I think that the tennis lies goes apple has become our for life goes of choice as since it was born at the start of the year. So it's been fantastic and very excited to have tennis on board for that so listeners. What it will mean. Is that your hair. A stroke about ten is up at the start of every episode going forwards that just be a little mention in there of course as well as in the show notes. I'm rousse excitingly hoping to have a passing shot meets episode with the founder of the app lewis to discuss the context of the two and delivering fan frontage tennis content to your fingertips and but essentially joe. It change the same. You know the good old fashioned pulsing short catch ups. Were still be oversee delivering. Those none of that will change will still be in your as every week talking tennis exactly. It will be the still still be the save. Joachim will still be doing our same talk capture ups as well as round bye rounds at roland garros as well as passing short meets as well so it will be absolutely the same. We upbringing tennis on board. So you'll be seeing a lot more of that. You'll be hearing a lot more about in the show. I know say when all kind of social media accounts as well. But i'll let you guys get back to the tennis. What shake kind of rome in the italian open and we will be back for regular to catch up on sunday so you can join us for that. We'll see then. Hey imagine if all your frustrations about advertising your business could be solved right now. You should know that podcast. Listeners are more engaged in higher converting than any other advertising media so try at hub

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