A highlight from MSI 2021 Begins, NA and OCE Escape Groups! Ready to Rumble? feat. GGS Spookz and Swip3rr | HLL 172

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Aussies new zealanders. Americans canadians unite. We have all escaped the stage of msi maybe more of an achievement for Some of those countries and others but We have a special episode today. That's hotline league episode. One seventy two and of course. Our sponsors are anywhere gave phil. We will shout them out and talk more about the more later in the stream but before we get to our Oceanic friends here on the show. Let me introduce my constant co host. mark zimmerman. How's it going mark a great Are you away no okay. i'm tired. I felt really tired today. So we i woke up at six. I washed all the games then immediately. Afterwards you and i did like a forty minute together of judge reacting and then i did the dive after that which has a couple of technical hiccups which may take a little while and then right around. Four o'clock start dying. Did you get an app in at least for like twenty minutes. But now i have my mountain dew game fuel to wake me up excellent choice. You didn't do amp. Came fuel. So i i'm working on the no amp. I'm just reading so is looking at your ears just like it's it's a teleprompter for you. You can only have just now in. Doodle do charged watermelon shock. You very euro zero calorie energy drink watermelon flavored with other natural flavors. Zero categories okay. We're good anyway. We have nepotistic coaches on the show. Today we have spooks and swipe her first off. I don't have both of you guys introduce yourselves. Also okay. we really quickly. We all like hung out in two thousand fourteen right. Yeah we did okay guam elilott yes and i remember there was like there's a ton of people that was like back when fast feast to live although she's going back There's like a whole i remember. Just a whole slew of people for those that don't know after twenty fourteen worlds. I went to To sydney and then afterwards two packs which took place in melbourne at the time and And i really got. I enjoyed hanging out with all the oceanic pros at the time It was a it was a good good fun anyway. Spooks go ahead and introduce yourself. Maybe you can give your background for those that don't know yup however long for those who died in ninety i was a proclaim for twenty twelve. I believe I played a very long time. Along with mr mr swoboda hill We played together for for fifties and Yeah i moved onto coaching as of last year Seemed like the natural. Next step for me and i was very fortunate to land position. Golden guardian sale. Here i am nice to nice to introduce myself everyone in that that was purely because not because of any all those years of competing or anything like that. It was just like a narrow new. You and he was like. Hey i ain't get you some cash. Some sweet american dollars and he brought you over here right. Yeah yes something like a. You're doing so lucky to get that job for those. That don't know the joke. were referencing. All the nepotism conversations around in narrows hiring practices while ago which i don't think had much merit but Swipe is here as well We brought in. Were not just one but two to celebrate. Oceanian is a great resurgence. After an unfortunate twenty twenty do you wanna go ahead and introduce yourself as well. Yeah i mean. Similar the same yemenis brandon swap. People normally go go by me. I've played up until lost the end of last year. I played some bit more Fresh in terms of competitive competitiveness as a player Say at the end of last year. Sort of just decided that it was time for me to hang up the boots and sort of light. My skill set into something. That could be really good up and yet Landed the job. The golden guardians. Yeah in the By i got over here about early february it was and not being could ever since Enjoy the road. Yeah well. I mean i think Both of you are a perfect guest to have on Given the fact that we're obviously spent a lotta time. Claude night's performance day. You guys now. I'm sure have been getting up to speed in the areas that you weren't previously up to speed on on the north american stuff when you moved over here. So i'm sure you'll be able to talk to that but obviously also congratulations dependent on advancing out of the group stage thinking what really cool moment for a shannon. We'll talk more about that. But any callers from australia new zealand. Anyone who cares about the stuff feel free to to call in with your takes on. I'm sure that these two can talk about that As as we're waiting spawners in the chat he says holy shit finally some good. Oc guests unlike spun It's so true. It's so true. So i know that there's a little bit audio stuff. I've been trying to fix a twitch. Take keep me in the loop on if we need anything But obviously the big news. was messiah groups previously playing slash groups now merged and now there's a rumble stays we're headed off to but Oc made out cloud. And i made it out And then a bunch of other folks. I think we mostly would have have guessed to To make it out did as well Cloud nine just doing that today. And we're just a couple of days out from rumbles. msi just keeps hitting We'll be taking those calls and Mark if you explain how the show works just in case anybody's tuning in for the first time. If you have never seen the show it is a live call in show. We'll be taking your topics so right now into a shed. I'm spamming the discord link. Go ahead and join up there once you get there. The club calls or plug calls to voice channels. Meet your microphone once you get in there no mouth readers and then in the club. Topics text channel is where you will write your take. I'll be scanning through their pulling the ones. I like And you will be pulled into the waiting room if you are selected and you'll hang out there until it's your turn beyond will do a quick audio sound good be on air to discuss it with us and if it is your If you are by the way sub. Thank you for seven. We've had a bunch of subs. Mark and i have been doing are sort of post game day. broadcasts You can also be sure to sink your discord with your twitch. So you can get access the subtopics chat you can draw your taking their moves a little slower at times and so maybe a bit of an easier chance of getting on but you have to make sure you still have a good take Or or maybe we can even have questions.

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