A highlight from 3406: I Saw That!


Home welcome the keith. And the girl. I'm keith malley. i'm kinda heard your latest show philosophically speaking and by the way i can't think of a smoother title. That rolls off the tongue. Did this so i talk about it right. I did it. So i learn. Learn how to spell philosophically camden. Mike kaplan the recording a new show together. It's what i just said. It is available under flavor of the month. It's in your vip membership. If you go to keith girl dot com slash app you can see it right there on your front page this latest episode She called. Why would you say that to me. Here's the description. Is it true that nothing other people do is because of you is a possible to not take insults and slights personally. Mike kaplan join the again and they talk about their own responses in emotions to people's comments and actions that it's not what you thought of this episode. Don't worry about being critical. That's just the way you are into it. I just i just laughed. Joke as clever Essential notions rates on red loved the series. It's been fun to listen to the two of you chat. This is the third episode in that series rod from our wrap up show. This show makes me feel like i'm high. He says i think that's good. Our buddy newsy says that he's going to have a review on a and your vip package. Okay so follow this. You're keeping girl. Vip membership today. Listen to send. His new show then listened to newsy review it on his show. Then listen the writing. Karen review his episode. How 'bout that role critique in each other's episodes the way i'm learning can then

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