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Nothing wrong with your hearing because mental health is more than a topic. It's a practice and we do the comedy of mental office a lot of comedy around mental health. These days. everybody's talking about it. Nobody's doing it but it's a fun. It's a fun premise. This show has an attractive benefit package. We have medical dental. I reproach that we have a shaman. Stipend we have plant medicine allowance as long as you're in network if you're not in network you're on your own. I cannot help you our guest. Today is comedy legend. I mean i love. I think i. I don't know if he's going to remember this. But i got lost driving him to an interview. We did Up in marin county one of the few comedy legends. I've ever driven in my life. But i we almost got lost and we almost got eaten by wolves an original saturday night. Live writer when saturday night live was saturday night. Lives winner of five. Emmy awards zorkin television including the great. It's garry shandling. Show one of the most creative shows ever which he co created an executive produced. The late show with david letterman. I think you've heard of that. Curb your enthusiasm brighter on eleven books and a new film. That's just come out called the prize. Co starring. billy crystal. His longtime collaborator and tiffany haddish. We're going to have allen's bell with us and just a bit if any component of mental health is about learning to live in the present. there isn't any culture that is less equipped to deal with mental health. And the jews. Because if you've ever been to a jewish wedding or any jewish event it's all it always starts worth. We're gathered here to honor the union who whomever and now. Let's talk for an hour about the people who could not be with us today and away they went. You name your kids for people who have passed away which is wonderful honor but it can be very heavy at one point. I have been a spiritual seeker. My whole life and i actually went to a shaman and the i knew it was a and because she had a business card. That said malibu shaman she definitely legit. She looked at me. She talked to me. She asked me a few questions and she said to me the words your ancestors love you and they are killing you. That's the malibu shaman. Ladies and gentlemen today we could talk a little bit about our relationships with our moms because yesterday being being mother's day and i'm the king evergreen so this this will be good. It's every day is a mother's day to me. I have too many great stories about my mom I toured the country. Doing show that which largely about my mom great storyteller. One of the funniest people ever lived her life with humor and compassion and a unique ability to turn darkness into light. She really did. We got each other and we liked each other beyond being a mom and son we actually liked each other's people lot of craziness to not going to sugarcoat it. My family was a who's who of despair there were like a hebrew posse. They would attack from right to left. Everyone was there on a weekend but it seemed like every weekend we would head off in one thousand nine hundred sixty six aqua colored chevy impala where the temporary gas cap and we would be on our way to a funeral preceded by a nursing home. Visit to people that we knew. We didn't know all of our outings had me sitting next to my mom in the car and she would start talking. She'd say you know you remind me of my grandmother. I shared a room with her as a kid. Whatever i needed. If i needed address i and whatever i needed you know. She was someone who was great to talk to. I loved her now. My own mother was what they call. Schizophrenic see yeah she heard voices everyone but nine and then we go up to the cemetery in my aunt's funeral was happening. Her bodies being lowered into the ground. All my mom can say to me. Was i just hope. I have enough food back at the house. Who knew rant was so popular. Everyone came everyone. Tell you what if they don't have enough food back there. They can dig a hole right next to throw me in iran. How do you like it. She was everyone's friend but she never really learned that it was okay to be a friend to yourself. She grew up around this family. If there was a wing there was the crasnick crisis center and gift shop in the mental illness hall of fame My mom had a sweet and low wallet. But i will tell you this right now. We need people like the great shirley crasnick in the world than i wherever she is. I hope she's having a good time and completely free and happy. We thought we talked today. About how you self parent. Where did you learn to become a friend. There's no school for these kinds of skills. Parenting self parenting how to take care of your thoughts and feelings how your brain works that. Some of what my partner does for child and family therapists. Organization called connected. Parenting dot com teaches resilience skills. Parenting self parenting media courses books and more. He is the first lady of oxytocin. She is the grand marshall of the olympic games and the sultan of serotonin. So i thought we could learn. We could talk about the most complicated relationship that we have the strongest the relationship of a mother. How do we learn to mother rather than smother ourselves now. We always welcome people no matter. They're at emotionally and here are few emotional shoutouts for

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