Jalen Hurts speaks on the Carson Wentz trade for the 1st time


Jalen. Hey how you doing. Hey how are you doing. I can't complain of what is jalen hurts. Doing in his downtime here getting ready for two thousand and twenty one season jalen. There's thorough just grinding down in Spending some time with family and friends But you know. Prepare myself for for the upcoming season and working with the same trainer that train. Patrick mahomes bobby stroup right. Yes sir yes sir. I'm a lot of good work out with him. Not a lot of you know. The guy has a lot of knowledge and i. i just wanted to be a part of it. You know. I trust them So working liquids debut as well. So i'm excited than a lot of good work in a lot of productive working. You've worked with. Quincy every the quarterback coach in the past right. But bobby is new edition correct. Well i've I was with bobby a little bit. Maybe for like a few days Relationship with him. You'll need to take down but technically guy you know. They're from toddler. East texas i'm from houston texas but i felt like it was the right time to go with them. So yeah what's your life for a texas guy to live and work in philadelphia. It's a bit different. You know run-up. I'm used to obviously the weather being different Humidity being crazy and the weather's just been unpredictable. Weren't silly you know you kinda can engage it off of what time of the year it is with. What's going gonna get everything a little bit closer closer. North bennett is down. South texas louisiana alabama mississippi area but It's fun it's fun. it's been phillies. Did i remember hearing this year. Jalen that you played in the snow for the first time is that accurate Going going into the green bay. Where my i now. I mean we're playing and you know they told me in there and you know we're having fun and playing bob dole. Whatever you know we got some momentum going on the sideline and then I see. I see like you know it's cold. And obviously it was coco. And i see snow coming from this guy. You know little flurries. But i call this a no not you know it was. It was not me at the moment was real cold. Some somebody never done before. And what was your reaction inexperienced playing in it like out. You know they have so much stuff down there to keep you on. The bench is being more Different things that they can do to accommodate for the weather. How cold it is so. I really couldn't tell. That's why i was so surprised. Then feel that cold. But when i saw the snow coming down it is cold. So the fundus upon store. How will you remember your first season with the eagles jalen. I think i remember that a remembered as a true learning experience. Like anything and everything goes it up Kind of going through and deal with i think Grateful for an opportunity of a binge after to the eagles in an awesome being in the position and then now but nonetheless a lot a lot to learn from for me you know. I'm very not very critical of myself and i hope my myself to the highest of high standards when it comes to Doing things the way you know. I wanna dog it. So not that i can learn from from that first year About a good a lot of bad. I'm assigned to improve and Learn from los angles and hopefully Especially thanking to so when you look back and try to learn from those things what do you hope to improve on your second season in the nfl. You know what they are going to realize and you hear it all the time and how important consistency is today consistent and everything that i do you know. And then there's there's always room for improvement in every in every asset every part of the game whether that's You know on the field stuff off the field stuff. You know how you league lead different people differently. You know everybody communique different and the leader of the football team as a quarterback so Just doing every being consistent in everything that i do Res progressives completed leading Communicate relationships all of those

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