The Latest: India sets record of 386,000 daily virus cases


India has set another global record with over three hundred and eighty six thousand cases in one day according to Johns Hopkins University as thousands across the nation mourned their loved ones the health ministry reported in you said to death bringing the total to two hundred and eight thousand one relative outside a hospital in Maratha bad was inconsolable after hearing of the death of his brother okay bit because there weren't enough oxygen supplies to keep him alive another man Rajat Kumar Singh said his father passed away in the hospital when I read that in the ward my father's dead body was lying back one else what had happened there was no one to inform us and later when I spoke to a nurse that she told me that they ran out of oxygen supply in the morning as well as oxygen shortages in just pandemic response has been marred by insufficient data an online appeal signed by over three hundred and fifty scientists almost the government to release data about the sequencing of virus variants I'm Karen Chama

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