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It's tradition that when you have to restart recording. Somebody has to pointed out right. of course can't no no. They must know that this is the second time we're taking this of course know that we've done all this. We've already set all these jokes at this. This enthusiasm right here. it's all a show. It's it's all it's almost like a loop of return it's so on brand. We did dornbush. Thank you for having me on this. Podcast podcast beyond. It's been a while. And i'm happy to see you happy to have you back. Work also joined this week by mitchell. Saltzman mitchell welcome to the show. Thanks for having me during bush. This is the first time that i've been on a podcast. A podcast mark. Medina amanda. I've done your hours and hours of carpool rights. We basically have had our own podcasts. In the car rides to and from aegean so this is exciting. Day for me. This guy yeah. I didn't realize that until you pointed that out that you're like yeah. We're going to be on beyond together and i was like okay so the first time we've been podcast together. I'm like that can't be right with a lotta livestreams together but yeah i guess not a podcast. All right. that's what you should have been recording. Those commutes because everything in your life content. That's just the thought about it. Said they couldn't be. It's like leonardo di caprio brad pitt. Being in a movie together they said that you can't get mark mitchell on a podcast together but dornbush made it happen. I guess that makes me the quentin tarantino. Joe is a really complex road. I don't know if i want to go down these for the audience. These are new jokes. I gotta say this is very ones or new. This last one i send pumped up the material. All it needed was a quick polish before we get into the the main topic of the show which is going to be a spoiler. Free breakdown of our launch impressions for returnable. mitchell reviewed. It and we'll get to that in just a little bit. I do want to briefly mentioned some news that we're gonna fly through even quicker than we did last time But the news that. I'm bringing up very quickly. Is that Next week as playstation plus games that will be available include battlefield v which is the one after battlefield one because numbers. Am i right trying to think what was that was the four v and i could not think of it. I love the energy of the shah battlefield the or five stranded deep those are both for. Ps four and backward compatible of course. I'm ps five and then playstation. Five owners get wreck fest. Which sounds like. I'm saying breakfast incorrectly. But wreck vest about cars. I in addition to that. It's worth mentioning that the. Ps five has outsold the ps four in. Its first fiscal year on sale by by a bit of a slim margin but the playstation five sold seven point eight million units since its launch an ending in march thirty first of this year Which outpaces the ps four. seven point. Six million a difference about two hundred thousand in the same period sony had projected the ps five would be the playstation for Obviously not a specific number there but It's definitely good to see especially at a time when it's so hard to get the dang thing Before we jump into return. Mitchell start with you this time this things any quick thoughts about either topic before we jump in now not really a the those those playstation plus games don't do really anything for me and the sales numbers are a little bit surprising considering the fact that you know. It's it's still very hard to find a playstation five And also. I think it's a little bit so this is a new fact. I didn't put the less recording. But i think it's also a little bit surprising. Because even though i would say that the playstation five has a strong launch lineup demon. Souls is really the. I think the pinnacle of the watch lineup. The rest of the stuff is just mostly stuff that you can still kinda get that experience on a last gen. Consul western council and returnable really marks. The first really really big playstation five exclusive after launch. So the the the selection of playstation five isn't super super super strong in terms of stuff. They can only get on the playstation five. So it's a little bit surprising but you know that's that's the world video games. There are a couple things quickly wanna point to there. You mentioned the playstation five and mark so mark. How do you feel about the topic as nice to get a shout from mitchell Yeah no i think. I think it surprising figuring that they. They are very hard to find. But i i'm not surprised at all by the want for them Made a joke awhile back about how if you play your playstation for you play playstation five but you mainly play. Ps four games. Which most of us do. It's basically just a ps four pro. Max right it's just and to me. That's kinda worth it on. Its own especially now. All these games are getting upgrades I love ps five. It sounds like most people. Fps five so it's not surprising to see at selling so well Something super weird as we went into target the other day and on the shelf with the media remotes and the pulse headset. And it's it's weird to see. I live in a less populated area than than a lot of people. But it's weird to see some of those pop up on the shelf just sitting there Seeing as i struggled super hard to get the pulse headset. no consuls. yeah. I don't know when that's ever gonna happen as far as the games go. I think it's gonna talk about xbox on your playstation podcast per second year the little rough to see a battlefield five. Whoa everybody's muted all of a sudden. I dunno if that's good or bad. I don't hear anybody. Can you hear anyways. I. it's It's a little rough to see battlefield. Five come to you the playstation plus right after xbox announcements that all of those games got one twenty hertz support for the xbox series x. I love me some twenty hertz. And hopefully playstation five figures that out for sure Yeah it's definitely we're gonna see this pop up more and more of the the advancements in sort of the catalog that is just there. Obviously they're not a one service but between game pass and playstation plus. I think we're gonna see a lot of discussion earth and the different services approaches. And how much they're gonna benefit both carsl. We'll say we've had to really really good months for this one to be a little slower than a month. Where actual games are coming out. I think it's the perfect time for. Ps blessed be a little slower. It's you gotta have some quieter months to have the great ones. Otherwise can you know the difference but but speaking of great ones. We're going to be talking about a great game today. And that game is returnable. As i mentioned we're gonna keep it spoiler free anything. Sort of in trailers or preview coverage mitchell's review is fair game. But we're not going to spoil the end of the game or get too deep into the nitty gritty of that stuff. Want to let the players out there. Be able to experience it for themselves at mitchell mark and i have all been playing the game and can speak to mitchell. Of course you reviewed it. So i want to sort of thirty first to just get your sort of high level Sorta top view of what you felt about the game yeah I like this game a lot in terms of you know it being a house mark game. It's kind of a kind of hits. All those those boxes that you would expect from a house mark game. The kambas phenomenal. The visuals are absolutely gorgeous. In terms of the effects. And just the general feeling you get by blowing stuff up in this game is is amazing and you have man how smart. They're so good at the style of game when it comes to lake bullet hell fast paced combat with an vulnerable dash.

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