A highlight from 7: The Vanishing Drowning Men


Friends do you enjoy talking trash about serial killers like they're your ex boyfriend. Do you love true crime but hate it when they dead named trans people. Well ding dong darling. Do we have a podcast for you. That's spooky in each episode hosts and real life. Couple johnny and tyler cover one case each from the worlds of true crime. Paranormal cults strange phenomena. Weird history. and more. As long as it makes you go. Ooh that's spooky. Johnny tyler have fun. While covering cases through an intersectional inclusive lens learn about everything from a copycat serial killer that tried to pass themselves off as zodiac rude to the crypt that dissolves into a pool of its own tears when cornered honestly. That's me on an average tuesday and you might even learn a little bit about queer history in the process. So if you ever thought scooby. Doo needed some canadian jonquils. Then this is the podcast for you. Download and subscribe to that spooky today. Wherever you listen to podcasts. New episodes drop every wednesday. How does a man disappear from a group of friends and show up two months later. Fifteen miles away in a river with no evidence of having been in the water for more than a few days if this happened several dozen times several dozen more men maybe hundreds in rivers around the country. Can we call this. Just a coincidence

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