A highlight from Taylors Version of Country, Part 2


If the song you belong with me was spunky. it's video was more so a fully realized depiction of its high school story with taylor. Playing both the mousy nerd pining for her handsome male friend and the bitchy brunette queen. Bee whom he's currently dating. It was nominated for best female video at the two thousand nine as and swift competition was heavy. Clips by kelly clarkson lady gaga katy perry pink and of course famously beyond say n taylor one. And that's when the incident the one that immortalized the phrase on a let you finish happened now. Most articles and video recaps that recount. Kanye west taylor swift running at the two thousand nine as zoom in on the moment that west takes the stage and takes the microphone away from swift. I want to play taylor's whole speech. Well what there was of it before kanye showed up because it captures what the stakes were for swift and for country music that night doomed about what it would be like to. Maybe when one of these sunday. But i never actually thought it would happen. I think country neither. Thank you for giving to win of bma award. I'm really happy for you. I'll let you finish the video all time. I should say that. I am on record at a prior. Live hip rate event agreeing with kanye west on one thing beyond say who's video for single ladies was the one kanu was coming to the defense of was one of the best videos of all time. I even agree with ya. That single ladies is a better more iconic video. Then you belong with me over the past dozen years. This incident has

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