A highlight from Gorky Park (Michael Apted; 1983)


Hi my name sally. At this is the reuss falls. You know podcast where we watch russian films and films with a russian connection as always. I'm joined by a guest and today my guest is phil mentioned. Too high phil. Thanks for coming on the show. I mentioned to be here so phil before we set up the film. Where going to be talking about today. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself. Let's talk a little bit about also suppose so. We've known each other for how long now eleven years i was gonna say is a decade plus at this point so i mean like yourself i will on a former in a teacher So we met working in moscow appropriately. Enough for a russophile podcast. Indeed indeed in the cow as we occasionally refers quite often referred to the mossy cow but Yeah so I spent a good what fifteen years or so Living abroad distant in poland. Two stints in poland crack of two stints in moscow a stint in saudi arabia which gloss over two stints in cambodia as well before eventually returning to the uk and becoming a minor government functioning functioning that a minor government functionary sounds like a kind of character in like a gogol short story. It sounds like the title of dots true. That does well well. I hope. I hope you have a better fate than those intended to hope. I have a better fate than the lead character of this imaginary short story. exactly dare so yes. Moscow go was you. You had to two bites at that particular cherry did you. 'cause i was like the whole time. I'm curious whether you noticed a difference between the two stints toll because it wasn't that long between it was only a couple of years between them. I'd say it was noticeably a more pleasant city second time around develop that little bit more so two thousand fourteen Things seemed to be a little bit more pedestrian friendly There was just that little bit more going on culturally as well. It seemed all diversity culture because obviously moscow's always been a cultural city home. We should again. Yes i felt like listeners would would get a little bit offended if like if we were thought if people thought we were implying the luck prior to two thousand fourteen months coaching coach and suddenly it flourished. No that is not what we're saying. No not saying that but there was a sort of slightly different the'll too to that culture on our guest more sort. They'll seemed to be more things going on of an even sort of the right ange I i would say that a not. That wasn't playing going on. I i lived there as well. But i think one important thing to remember as well as oil looked moscow differently when i lived the the second time because i was looking at moscow far more on its own merits wears moscow. When i lived there before i was was under the shampoo of cracker for me a city that i have left it has to be added a broken to do to the end of a romantic entanglements s an and and under relieving in the middle of winter i was on the enrolling in the onset of winter although arrived in the middle of winter when i moved back but i knew the city. Yeah i think landing in the middle of moscow. Winter would ill-advised if it was your first rodeo the onset i'll be not got their win light november. Maybe it was early december. And so you know it was starting to get very very cold and and you on the fights of it. Moscow can be such an unfriendly city. Yes i mean. I think it's lake probably london in that regard. I mean i have to say having never lived there. I'm kind of going off hearsay. But from what. I've heard is the london can be a kind of a bit of a brick wold. You can dashed yourself against If you'll if you're unfortunate Like the if you're just moving there for the first time and you kind of have to hang in there.

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