Los Angeles Lakers Suffer Disastrous Loss to Sacramento Kings


An unbelievably bad performance by the Lakers and a game in which the kings were missing some of their better players, including de'aaron Fox and the Lakers just kind of did what they've done. All season long and turned the ball over too much and just flat-out miss open shots. And we saw that happen time and time again. Let's get into the stands real quick before I start taking your questions and comments here. So the Kings shoot, 45% from the field, not great. But they shot 36% from 3 and ninety percent from the line. That makes a difference compared to a Lakers team who shot 51% from the field and 25% from 3 and 71% for the line. If you can't shoot, you can't win really tough to win games when you can't put the ball in the basket. Again at The Rim, okay? 51% off. You can't hit 3s in the modern NBA. You're in big big trouble in the Lakers again, 25%. That's the game. That's the game right there. If you shoot league-average, even just league-average from 3, you win this game by a margin but instead, the Lakers are missing a lot of their three-point attempts tonight. And then the turnovers 21, turnovers for the Lakers. Again, cannot do that, that's a problem. They've had most of the Season. At one point, the worst team in the NBA when it came to turnovers. Haven't checked it recently, but they are still up there. They've been really, really bad. Turning the ball over for most of the season. They did get better for a little bit there. They got a little bit better. Dead shooter was starting to rain things in a little bit it wasn't being an Optima optimistic password so much tonight that was not the case. They completely regressed in the turnover Department. It got really bad there and then the other piece to this the offensive rebounds 11:00 to 11:00. 11:00 offensive boards for the Lakers 11 offensive boards for the Kings. You can't do that. If you are having a front line that has Andre Drummond and Anthony Davis on it. Plus LeBron James, you have to absolutely dominate unquestionably down, Nate the glass,

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