A highlight from How to Be Famous, by Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

By The Book


One hundred percent on point. Step five the paps. Are your friends. Go to places where the paparazzi always are like the ivy l. a. the mercer in manhattan or red carpet events where bright colors and no sunglasses. Stop smile be friendly and once you've established a relationship with the paparazzi tip them off the next time you're going out. Ideally to places that are linked to holiday coverage were that feed speculation like a pumpkin patch before halloween or a wedding jeweler. If you're dating step six tell your story spill your guts before someone else. Spills them the wrong way. Someone does you wrong. Don't stay quiet about it. Make yourself a sob story and if you do something reprehensible spin things. So you're the victim like brad pitt. Did when ditching gen for angelina. Remember how he just wanted to be a dad. That's a gold star spin step seven couple power a solicitor. Plus a lister equals abi lester. So be like vanessa. Manila and nicholas and elevate your star by being in a couple. Be open about every part of your relationship fighting public make up and public turn your wedding into will cover story and consider trading up to a more famous partner. If need be step a build your brand have a brand in heidi and spencer's case it's hot blonde and eager to stab you in the back while smiling once you

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