A Prayer for Those Who Are Battle Weary


The a prayer for those who are battle weary by debbie mcdaniel. The lord is my banner for hands. Were lifted up to the throne of the lord exodus. Seventeen fifteen or sixteen. Some days get hard. We feel exhausted tired of fighting about ready to give up feeling like we can't go on struggling through defeat the enemy seems to be hot on her trail and we wonder if we've been left on her own for those who are battle weary his truth over us for this day. We not alone not ever. God won't let go though. We may struggle with the lies that he's left us spending for ourselves in hard times. His word is filled with reminders. That he fights for us still today. It never says this life will be easy. He never promises that we won't get weary are that we won't face an enemy or a giant but he does say we can come to him and he will give us rest he does promised to fill us with the power of his spirit and that his joy will be our strength. He does remind us that the battle is not ours. But the lord's he does say that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against the spiritual forces of darkness in this life. none of us are immune. Life is hard somedays and often. There's not even just one big thing but just lots of little battles that can drain us dry parenting job. Relationships fears worries about the future experiencing loss discouragement. Illness money problems. It all can leave us beaten down and warn but praised guide. He gives us one another to help in times. When we just feel like i can't anymore we're all in this life thing together but help each other today. An encouraging word smile at someone. Write a note. Send the text by someone a coffee. Pray for another soul and let them know that you're praying anything just to remind a fellow believer that your holding up their battle weary arms and that you're with them and god is with us dear. God the battlefields intent. Some days we get tired and weak weary and worn. It's hard to keep going in the face of defeat but help us to remember that you will never leave us. The you are refuge and our strength in ever present help in trouble. We know that the enemy wouldn't be fighting so hard against us. If we weren't making a difference for your kingdom he wouldn't it be trying so hard to stop us if he didn't think you had so much good. Still in store reminds us. The battle belongs to you and whatever were up against in down in one fell swoop by your mighty hand. Help us to trust you. More to never waste time spinning our wheels and wrestling or fighting in our strength. Please forgive us lord for the times we've failed to lift our hands to you for the days we've forgotten to come to you. I fill us with the power of your holy spirit. This day phyllis with your joy phyllis your wisdom and discernment fill us with constant reminders. That your presence will go with us and you will give us rest. Amen

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