30. I'm Jodi Jordan on K O a news radio.


30. I'm Jodi Jordan on K O a news radio. A 50 A M and 94 1 FM from the bedspread Sports Traffic Center looks like crash on I 25 north bound of spirits. Still active. Looks like it's a couple of vehicles off to the shoulder. But please do exercise caution. Outside of that the rest of my 25 posted speeds. I 70 clean and green and 2 to 5 also checking clear. In terms of your off highway, driving the Morrison between Kentucky and yet still closed you two earlier police activity and Pecos still closed between Del Norte and El Paso Boulevard due to police activity as well. Fox 31 pinpoint weather Clear skies Right now we're overnight low 29 tomorrow mostly sunny with a high of 64 overnight low 29 currently

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