Florida, Von Miller And Troy Murphy discussed on Broncos Daily Podcast


You look at in florida. The florida texas State tax in arizona. Isn't there no. We're talking about troy murphy. To power forward had a condo that he had never step foot in down there Because that was his main residence. No but maybe has changed. I think in that group okay. So let's just put it this way. We noted las vegas. There's no state taxes so that makes it even more intriguing position for those who are high dollar earners even does it make new normal. Nfl salaries. you'll take it with no state taxes. I mean if you when i play for the forty niners man. It was ridiculous. The amount of tax paid overhaul plan for them. There's couve there's nine states. Yes as of twenty twenty one. The states with no income tax are alaska. florida nevada. New hampshire. South dakota tennessee. Texas washington and wyoming. No so that helps. That helps the titans as well now. What appears at a different I'm not saying you're wrong. The the one thing that you mentioned. Afc west we do know that. Von miller seem to like plan for brandon staley and one of his best friends in the world. Chris harris is in la so while it won't be the same in terms of the income tax. And and i don't know how the chargers caps situation is in fact. I don't think it's in great shape. Last time i checked and they've got the rookie and herbert. But what if they let ingram walk even though he involuntarily type the time at the together. But he's opposite a bosa or even sometimes on the same side as bosa and von miller goes to the chargers. Not the raiders or the chiefs. Obviously of another six can't go anywhere in the afc west. That would be the worst. The worst would be the worst would be chiefs if they will find a way to make room on that rouse. I don't care who. They ll longest. Chris jones man that would be a dominant pass rush. It's making the eighteenth. The outside linebacker that came over from Seattle what's his name Goodness why am. I drawing a blank from kansas city. Show frank frank right yet by clark by the they may have to eat some money on that deal because it was such a big deal. The the other thing too though as i'm sure your wife remembers. Brett farve looked weird. Vikings uniform so it's happened before and a brett farve can play a couple seasons in minnesota. I don't need to go to the jets for a year to to make it all work. Mon- doesn't have to do any of that locking right to one of these. afc west and all the broncos. Baxter locker bunch never curves giving me the rap sign. We've gone too long. We got so much to talk about. We do indeed and until we get a sense of what the broncos want to do with von miller. It's going to continue to be a conversation until it's not. I'm make the same case about the shawn watson potential trade there so as as it relates to denver wants to do

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