Lightfoot, Chicago Police Propose Changes to Search Warrant Policy in Wake of Botched Raid

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The second time since she became mayor of chicago lori. Lightfoot is changing the policy for win in house city. Police can execute search warrants. it comes as the chicago. Police department is under scrutiny. For botched raids including one that led to a lawsuit from ginette young. Amanda finicky joins us now with more. Amanda prentice once viewed. It is hard race that horrifying video of engine at young home and changing so naked. When chicago police burst into her home. An officer did eventually put a blanket over her but for a long stretch shoot was left. Naked wall restrained in handcuffs. When you see body camera video later on in the story you will see a black box that has heard digitally covered up by vesey. Pd when it made the footage public following investigative reporting by wb pm traumatic experience for young especially given police. Were in the wrong home. Mayor lightfoot premised change today. pd makes good on his promise to change. How search warrants are served in chicago. It's always the right time to do the right thing. We should always be volving to improve our policies training and accountability now new standards and procedures announced by cpi de chief david brown and mayor lightfoot required higher ranking command staff to sign off on requests for a warrant before it is brought to a state's turning judge considerations and plans must be made if vulnerable people. Mike children may be present than what a search is actually executed. A female officer must be present. Police must wear in activate body cameras. Lieutenant must also be on site and responsible for officers behavior the plan upfront spells out. What type of behavior is expected. All department members will treat all persons with courtesy and dignity which is inherently do every person and will act speak and conduct themselves in a courteous respectful and professional manner. And then it goes on from there. This is common sense but this is now enshrine in the actual policy. New policy does still allow for so called. No knock warrants but limited circumstances like when he life is in danger a fourth amendment allows for that to happen but only in certain circumstances where there's an establishment that evidence of a crime will be found in a particular location on no matter. How you slice it. It is an intrusion and so making sure that we get the facts details right and that there is ownership at the highest levels of c pd. It's critically important and please do get things wrong if there's bad evidence or something. The situation like what happened to young wrong raid. That has to be investigated. That's another safeguard that i believe. Personally it's critically important that the judge be notified that there was a one raid asked whether he's concerned that a standards click police in peril in potentially dangerous situations. Your brown responded. The real question you're asking is if treating someone with respect gets in the way of doing our job and the answer is no so following these policies and procedures with an emphasis on. Everyone deserves a measure of respect actually enhances our ability to do our job and create an environment of trust in the community. Which again is a force. Multiplier beanie effective at reducing. Cra in an email the president of the chicago fraternal order of police said that you had plenty of reaction to these new standards but he did not immediately. Follow up an email with specifics. The proposal did get the non from alderman. Chris taliaferro is head of the city council's public safety committee and also a former cia so these reforms that the mayor is announcing today will help bring about true accountability true responsibility but in a statement. Young's attorney says the proposal falls woefully short of the types of reforms that the citizens of chicago require to feel secure in their homes from these violent and often wrongful rates if the mayor is truly serious about reform statement says she'll get signed. An ordinance announced last week by a handful of black alderman also has the backing of progressive groups like lack lives matter and united working families and that plan does no knock. Warrants also expressly prohibits officers from pointing guns toward children and there is time for young the coalition of group. She's aligned with and really anybody else who wants to have their opinion made known about us to do social is going to have a fifteen day public comment period before these standards go into effect. It's a short period of time. Fifteen days and so encourage a france. You let's use social media Not just for passing around jokes and having a good time. Let's use this to improve our city.

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