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Of a sweeping new investigation into that city's police department and their policing practices. CBS is Jeff. The gays tells us the DOJ is investigating whether or not there is a pattern of discrimination of pattern of excessive use of force. This federal pattern or practice investigation could take a year or longer to complete. Meanwhile, there is renewed pressure on lawmakers around the country toe come to a deal on police reform after show Vin's conviction on a Rhode Island state lawmakers calling for changes within her state's policing system. Democratic Rep. Anastacia Williams, writing in an op ed law enforcement Need to be more transparent about how they handle cases of officer misconduct. She's written a bill to address those changes awaiting consideration from the state Legislature. And again. We're standing by soon for the funeral for Dante Ride in Minneapolis. This is in Brooklyn Center. Roughly of 15 16 minute drive from where George Floyd was shot and killed by police. Dante Right, was shot and killed by police in Brooklyn Center on

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