This stimulus package. I feel like it Z never ending stimulus package.


Everything, I was really proud of the Republicans the way they went, and they just used the brute force of you know, we're getting judges were getting him through 50 50, bringing the vice president They actually muscled it like I like it, you know, And I was really fearful that the Democrats were going to do the same thing now, you know. And I really I gotta tell you like this guy, Joe Manchin. He's doing it for me right now because even though he's a Democrat, like 70% of his state, voted for Trump So he's gotta walk a fine line if you want to keep getting re elected, and I think he's been doing a fair job of keeping his side in line. Really listen. This is a guy who's up for re election in 2022. And obviously, in addition to the All the House seats are up for grabs his Senate seats up for grabs. And this is a cycle John, where the Democratic majority of sheets is now up for grabs in 2022. This is a chance where again Republicans have toe sort of hammer home. The message that This Democratic party is not being fiscally responsible. They're gonna be looking to this bill again. There's some covered, really, but it should be completely full of Cobra really shouldn't

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