Create Labs 'Creator' Abran Maldanado

Voice in Canada


One of the special guests is braun maldonado and he is the co founder for create labs. He is coming on as quote the creator with his quote. The creation clara and that's melt a. I r. a. And that stands for create labs a is rendered assistant yes it is a virtual artificial intelligence robot if you will and it is incredible. It is powered by gibt. And if you don't that is boy you can learn a lot about tonight. But you're going to get the opportunity to ask this article this artificial intelligence actual questions and get to hear clara's response so in this particular podcast episode. We are speaking with abroad. And he explains how he got involved in this all the incredible work he is doing in this area and we talk a little bit about the voice tonight as a little bit of a preview in a little bit of a teaser so let's get into it without any further ado. This is a recording of the voiceless. Our show that was done about a week ago. So you may hear us referring to the voice in a week again. That is today. April twenty first But let's get right into it. Enjoy this podcast episode. Hey there ron how you doing. What's going on how you doing terry. How's everything great great. Great great to have you here. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. Thank you for having me. It's a lot of fun to talk to you about all this stuff. I love it. That's right that's right. We're gonna have some fun next week when we get you on the show live. We've got people. Ask questions and asking cleric. We're gonna get all that here over the next little bit here but before we get into that. Let me ask you just introduce yourself a little bit to the to the audience and listeners to the viewers and by the way then you've got any questions now live you can put them in the chat and i'm able to to bring those into chat here as well but bryan watt yourself sure ronald natto co founder of Labs ventures associate director for the new york city media lab. I got into this work. Because i am a person of color. Who found himself in the tech space. And i didn't see enough of myself in their nor my counterparts in my peers. Family and i just wanted to make sure that in the underserved community that there was a pipeline in access point in someone on the inside To get them opportunities in second brought me here to the

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