FedEx Shooter Took His Own Life; Multiple Victims Sent to Area Hospitals


Report. Survivors are reliving a nightmare at a FedEx warehouse in Indianapolis. So assault rifle of some sort. I saw the clip. And he started firing, Jeremiah Miller says. He warned his many co workers as he could when he heard shots ring out late last night. When it ended, police say eight people were dead and the gunman had shot himself to death. Some loved ones are gathered at a nearby hotel. Still waiting for word wt. TV's Darius Rucker is there. It's kind of heartbreaking to see that they're still at least 20 people. Maybe 30 who are still waiting for answers. They could be full families. They could be individuals. But you do have Chaplin still consoling there. Yes, I did. That's a yes This man is grateful His son is OK. I just want everybody to love each other. Police have not released the gunman's identity yet, or a motive. CBS News

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