How to Get the Whole Company Aligned


Hey mike thanks for joining us today as a way getting started it gives a little background on yourself. Rx i guess been in a business to business sales for twenty years or so plethora of different Different types of business different. I guess birtles you could say most. Recently i've been doing a life safety security on an enterprise level and it's been a jury to say the least. It's been fun. It's been exciting. It's it's all been in sales. Ever since i was about nineteen years old or so was at a natural progression to get into sales her. It always been outgoing. Always like talking to people have always been encouraged psyche. Should be working with people he should be talking to people and there was through a my family actually had a printing business and i was told. Hey do you wanna try this out. So i got to get out there and i was never gonna just sit down in one place all time so it was really good at getting out talking to people and i've enjoyed it ever since. No call reluctance. No fear no nervousness. There's an adjustment. Yeah mean it's anytime you got out of these earn. Go ask them. You know those kind of our questions. It's there's an initial reluctance. But i've always found out the people really aren't other not really at burst and meeting new people as long as you're not trying to poach if you're not trying to push you're not trying to like rob them. You're not trying to china. If you're honestly trying to help. People people tend to enjoy that kind of company.

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