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Their final arguments to jurors and the former Minneapolis police officer. Derek Sharpens. Murder trial Sharpens Attorney Eric Nelson is asking the jury to look at Floyd's arrest from shamans perspective. We don't look at this incident from the perspective of a bystander We do not look at this incident from the perspective of the people. Well except mine. We look at it from the perspective of a reasonable police officer. That's defense Attorney Eric Nelson about 300 National Guards members have been deployed to Minneapolis and preparation for any violence and protests following the verdict. The prosecution took 2.5 weeks to present its case. The defense just three days, Michigan lawmakers strengthened the mask requirements for young Children mandating that kid's age two through four where a mask whenever necessary. Mother of four year olds of on you, Yvonne Solace, Few says that's a tough task to do for kids. I have a two year old and I have trouble keeping a ponytail in hair. We went through a stage where he wouldn't keep his diaper on. So I can't imagine that most were old would do okay with a mask over their face. For a whole day. The mask mandate last until May 24th for kids. Almost half 43% of all vaccinations at Ford Field are going to those in Oakland County Detroiters account for just under 7%. Mayor, Duggan says. That's to be expected because of the TCF center. They have drive up and drive in facilities where Detroiters don't even have to get out of their car. Starting today, four will be offering covert vaccination clinics have three plants in metro Detroit. The Ford vaccination clinics will run from all of April through May and eventually expanded to Ford facilities across

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