Lining up seeing Julio Jones, Calvin


I'm so pumped for this draft, and it's because of intrigue. We don't always have. There's always intrigue in the draft. A lot of times you kind of can guess Or you kind of have an idea who the first four or five picks are going to bay. We know the first two this year. After two will have a damn clue because then get to the Bangles at five to wrap up this top five. If you have, let's say four quarterbacks go off the board. Right away to the Bangles. They take Panay soul too they go protect. Their quarterback in Joe, Borrow or They go well, we could protect him, too, by giving him some nice weapons and Kyle pits or in his former college teammate in Jamaar Chase. Have three out of the five picks in the first five picks of the draft. As unknowns. It's a great thing. It really is, and I hope it stays that way up until Thursday night. Let's not spoil it. I hope there's no leaks because this would make for really a

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