You know, pictures used over the weekend in general. With that offense. I mean, I can I could


I can I could see where you make a case like Wait one more inning. Let's see if that often I didn't really think about it when they brought him in. I was kind of more just enthralled by the fact he was on the mound, so don't you manage yourself? Don't you manage your son's baseball team? Yeah. You know, you guys helped out with two at bats left. Yeah. You always think you're in it, And I guess In hindsight, it is surprising way till the eighth, right? I mean to do it in the seventh is fairly early. Suddenly it's a 15 run deficit. I honestly didn't think about it too much of the time. I just love the fact he was doing it. All right, Jess. It was good to see the other day. We had a lot of fun. Yes, we did. We solved all the world's problems.

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