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I'm not a doctor and didn't play Go stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, my diagnosis. All I could tell you is on the left wrist issue last year, it appears the issues. I think in his abdomen or torso helps have branded workmen up and loosening so two on and nobody out of the top of the fourth. Giambi, Chris Singleton Hendricks Fires swing in a tapper for space side up that his Rizzo over the Hendrix steps on first and on the player kun you down the third Freeman down to second, so swinging bunt, and it basically acts. Like a sacrifice bunt. Those just Ozuna is retired a junior, the third Freeman to second, maybe just a little anxious, thereby Ozuna with Couple of runners on last time up, hit a hard line drive to right field for a base hit. Jason Heyward couldn't hang on to. So after walking a single you see in the ball well, Kyle Hendricks, but they're just a little jumpy with a couple of runners on 2nd and 3rd. Here's Darnell with one out 63 Braves pitch that's in the dirt. That's the curveball. Kyle Hendricks threw the curveball. A lot more last year were close to 16% of the time almost 17% coming into this year, and he's only had two starts. He said. He would like to throw the curveball even more infield and and kind of pinching the middle runners at 2nd and 3rd with one out. There's the one on popped in the year. That's too right. Charging in is Hayward. They were there to make the catch. Tagging from third is a coup nya. He'll come in to score now. They got Freeman in a run down. Rizzo chasing Freeman chasing him some or the shovel. The tag and bayous puts it on Freeman on that is that the Braves do pick up Iran on the sacrifice fly as start old. Able to score Ronald Jr Jr were midway here, Unending Number four, and it's the Braves top of the Cup 73. This is Sunday night baseball

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