Victory for Hamilton: Spanish GP Review


Louis. How much combat is one hundred po position into a victory mocking his fifth consecutive winning spayed and his ninety eight th career win attract. That doesn't often provide us with the most thrilling race. But today we strategy keeping things interesting between the two title contenders. The start of the race to lead is nearly touched as max stop stop-and-go his hours out at the fast corner and took the lead from lewis. Meanwhile charlotte bucer managed to gain a position after taking outside line of time freight overtake boundary. Brought us a safety call was out on eight in order to recover yuki snow just call off to his appeared to shutdown and max manage to hold onto the lead. The safety car restart and it wasn't long before maximum. Lewis pulled away from the rest of the pack. Louis stayed max tau with around one point. Five seconds of him before max pitted on lap. Twenty four switch onto the medium tires and suffering an uncharacteristically. Slow pitstop a four point. Two seconds as his left rib was not ready when he came in mercedes chose not to hitler straight after and instead he stayed out for a few more laps before pitting returning to the track. Six seconds behind max. It took no time a tool for lewis to close that gap. But despite being in and out with max's d. r. s. couldn't quite him and instead mercedes tries to flex their strategy calling lewis in for another pitstop. This left lewis with twenty three snaps to go in around twenty three seconds to find whilst red bull tries to keep max out front. Lewis did what he needed to repeatedly setting fastest laps and taking the time out of max's lead but there was a moment of time as he approached his teammate. Who was told not to hold lewis up but we didn't seem to to make it too easy on instead. Lewis had to make the post into ten ten. It was lot sixty. When lewis took the lead for max who just didn't have the pace or tires to hold him back and instead max pitted again to get about foster slot point which he did. Despite initial losing position to show vouch we managed to get the position back and ended up finishing three with show a solid p.

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