Riot Games Will Monitor Voice Chat in Valorant for Toxicity


Riot has announced that they will now be recording and monitoring voice comes in order to combat toxic behavior. So this has been rumored. I think for a little bit now Going on in certain games maybe not exactly with riot but just in general with games and everything. It's i've always had the saying. Look if you're gonna talk shit. Satan voice check. They can't report you for it. That's kind of my mild saying well. Now i can't go with that rule of thumb anymore. I guess because they now can report you for it. I'm surprised it's taken this long for this technology to get implemented somewhere. Can you imagine if this was in pub- g before you eject out of the plane you would have over fifty people band before you even like left the plane in that type of game right with all the ship that was talked in the pre lobby chad for those games are awesome for riot to to do this. I think it's great like i'm not a toxic individual so for me. This is not like a worrisome thing. Right and then there's a difference between like getting mad kind of toxic and then caught sexual harassment. Type stuff being racist. Like that's the stuff that i i'd hate like i have to sit there in people. Report them knowing. Nothing's probably going to happen because it happened of voice shot. They didn't say any of it. type any of Nothing's going to happen. Most likely but i think this is great and i would love it even more if you had to attach a personal. Id to your account you know so. This stuff was tied to us individual. I think they do that. In china which is not going to be popular for me to say For american listeners. But like i. I would be very much. Okay like you know. You have to have a photo. Id or something attached to your account

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