Inside One of Hollywood's Most Audacious Ponzi Schemes

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Beverly would man has been arrested by the fbi for allegedly running two hundred and fifty million dollar ponzi scheme. Investigators say zachary horwitz. Who uses the screen. Name of zach. Avery told investors he'd used their money to acquire licensing rights to films that. Hbo and netflix had agreed to distribute abroad instead. Investigators say horwitz use the money to pay other investors and by a six million dollar house. In beverly would. Horwitz has been charged with wire fraud. If convicted he could get up to twenty years in prison. This one is relatively current. Definitely showed up on many timelines on my internet because it involved an actor and a ponzi scheme. Oh and i've been watching a lot of generation hustle on hbo denver. Hasn't i haven't the con- on hulu. Okay of course listening to or favorite podcasts. Or one of my favorite. And i think we both like swindled. Sure your little white collar crime mo for for the most part and this is how an actor a relatively unknown actor which is makes a story exciting scammed a lot of people for a lot of money and the examples he used are baffling to me. That's what makes it so interesting. And i'm going to get to that part baby. So zach horowitz who you may or may not know as zach. Avery and you've seen a lot of. I'm be pages. You've met a lot of actors you've seen. He's a very typical of what you'd say. A early thirties actor with dark hair got looks like sometimes with the beard sometimes not

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