Esports Certification Institute Pulls $400 Certificate After Viral Backlash


The story here is from yahoo sports. The headline is e sports exacts launch certification exam to drive industry hires so in short. It's a it's a company that they've launched a there's not a non profit for profit corporation and and basically they're charging four hundred dollars. You study for this test. They give you this test if you pass the test you get e sports certified and their idea here or at least the premise was. This would be a way to know that people have some base of knowledge. I guess and are therefore more high rable about a word but you know more employable as a consequence in the industry. I will say the conversation around. This has been very much polarized people either like are very much for this and backing them up or are really very much against and i would say probably. The large majority are against it this time. Where do you fall on this spectrum. Willing how do you feel about this. Well let me start by saying like in general certifications or a good thing right like and many industries need certifications for example. I think you would be scared. If you went to your dentist and discovered that there was no certification required to be a dentist. You would say oh dear like that your like something that maybe someone should be setting some minimum standards and checking up on know like that would make me feel a lot better so we should be worried if there are no no papers on the wall is what you're saying exactly so certifications are like important. They're important to many many many industries. I will say. They tend to be more important in professions. Like the one. I cited like dentistry right or like medical professions or things like that. Where there's you know really a baseline level of knowledge you have to have you have to keep those baseline level of knowledge current and achieving that baseline level of knowledge. There's usually consequences that are potentially more severe than say making the wrong business decision right but in principle like certifications or something that seem great to me and you know like i think you should always look at them with an open.

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