The Formation of the Nazi Party


When the nazi party was founded in one thousand nine hundred twenty the world side of germany was increasingly moving toward socialism and communism only three years before the imperial romanov dynasty had of russia had been overthrown i by the provisional government and then by the bolshevik party which was led by vladimir lenin these events would pave the way for the creation of the soviet union in one thousand nine hundred twenty two so a little bit of that bonus little bit of the soviet union in this episode throughout the early nineteen twenties the ideologies of the soviet union slowly spread across the region including its neighbouring mongolia. Communism was also becoming quite popular in the european continent with a number of uprisings in germany. One of them managed to form the bavarian soviet republic in one thousand nine hundred nineteen although this was short lived. Thanks to the country's parliamentary forces. This was the climate that the nazi party found itself in when it was created only year after the bavarian soviet republic was decimated it initially targeted the german working class attempting to draw them away from communism and socialism towards antisemitic and anti marxist

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