Marty Walsh Confirmed as Secretary of Labor, Says Farewell to Boston


Press conference wrapping up at Faneuil Hall that farewell from Mayor Marty Walsh, saying goodbye to the hub because he's on his way Stout. Mayor confirmed today by the Senate to serve as our next labor secretary. WBC's match here was there at Faneuil Hall. He's with us live now, What did the mayor have to say? Well, then call the soon to be former mayor was emotional today and for good reason he got choked up while talking about going from being a door Chester kid to the mayor of Boston, And then he spoke with great pride about his accomplishments as mayor like lowering the crime rate and raising the graduation rate. Eventually, he went off script, looking straight into the camera, thanking everyone from the bottom of his heart. Now when it came time for questions He said he would not be endorsing a candidate in the mayoral race. And actually, this was funny. He said he had been planning to run for reelection and even one as far as to get bumper stickers printed. Those might be fun collector's item someday. But when all was said and done, the soon to be secretary walked out. The same way he walked into a big big applause and then my favorite part of the whole night, he crossed the street from Faneuil Hall back to City Hall, all while being serenaded by key tar Bear. And if that's not the most Boston way to end your term as mayor, I don't know what is live in Boston match. Shearer WBZ Boston's news radio here, My friend. All right, thank you so much Matt now before he was chosen as labor secretary of the Boston's mayor, Boston mayor's position rather was really the job of a lifetime for that door. Chester Kid Rock 1 20. 13 and Marty Walsh became Mira Boston on January, 2014 made Boston a place where dreams come through. In his election night speech, Walsh called Boston a city of second chances. And a few years later, he hammered that point home in a prime time speaking slot at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. My name is Marty Walsh on I'm an alcoholic mere Walsh, known for giving his personal cell phone number two people attempting recovery. Some things were promised, and some things didn't happen. Universal pre K and a Boston Olympics are huge to mortgage the future of the city away. Refused to put Boston on the hook for overruns. Walser pointed the city's first black police commissioner, William Gross, So help me God. So help me God. Congratulations, Commissioner and he dealt with covert. And in January delivered his final state of the city with tears in his eyes. This city is not just my hometown is my heart. Karen Regal WBZ Boston's news radio. So tonight at

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