What Will Green Bay Do With Aaron Rodgers' Contract?


Head of the green bay. Packers reportedly busy busy bees working on restructuring erasers contract free some face cricket so far in free agency for them. But you guys know. That's nothing new green bay brandon marshall. Air rodgers contract situation is blank. Well i got lazy. And i just went with vital. I went vital. Because you know this guy can free up a lotta money. Yeah i mean can free up a lot of money and then you can go out and get somebody you can go out and get you know maybe a casey hayward's maybe a melvin ingram. Somebody can go on and deep inside and help you out yes. One hundred percents started their green and it was it was nickel wasn't good. He got better as he went on. We used to crush them cock. But anyways i wanted to say vital naked. But what are they going to do with the money. What are they going to get a backup. Quarterback can't help you now. What are they going to do. Go get a third stream offense alignment they every offseason. Keep this whole deal in free agency. And then what they're going to do.

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