Virus Ends VCU's NCAA Tournament Run as Oregon Advances


It was supposed to be the final tip of the day between VCU and Oregon that was supposed to take place at Indiana Farmers Coliseum. But because of covert 19 protocols and positive tests within the VCU program, Oregon has moved on because of a no contest here is the Rams athletic director Ed McGlaughlin on his players. We've had it happen to us now, twice If you remember last year we got pulled off the floor. Right before he was supposed to play You, Mass. And now we have another one ripped away from us like this. So it Zhar. And done everything that we've asked them to do from a covert protocol perspective. I want to make sure it's clear. This isn't something where our team broke protocol on. Did the wrong thing. You know, it's just we don't know. How this happened, but it certainly wasn't because bad behavior on on our our side whatsoever. So it's brutal. That feeling the way you describe it as brutal on after I got off the phone with With Danny and Mitch. I called Mike and obviously he could tell you that tone of my voice. You know, it's just heartbroken for our student athletes, and I'm heartbroken for our coaches. I know everyone's who worked so hard for this so We best leave there. Dan being Dan Gavitt, who is the head of bad college basketball, with the answer two billion Mitch being Mitch Barnhart, the director of athletics at Kentucky, but also the men's basketball

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