Philadelphia Eagles Sign Super Bowl 47 MVP Joe Flacco

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Big news coming out of philly. Yesterday joe flacco agreeing to a contract with the eagles. It's a one year deal. Three and a half million dollars. Guaranteed the opportunity to win. Four million more in incentives. Now what does this mean. As far as the eagles and their draft plans remember. They only have one quarterback on the roster until this and that's jalen hurts and they have the six pick in the draft and as you see mel kiper junior and his latest mock has been taking the superstar receiver tamar chase from lsu which would be awfully knife or any quarterback that they have there but so does this mean mel again. It is not your expectation mel with us field. Yates as well here today. It does this mean and again. You're you're mock has them taking chase anyway but the signing flacco does that in your view. Close the door on any possibility that they draft a quarterback at number six. I think they would even going in before flacco. You think about. Joe flacco wise ian eagle thinking about the baltimore raven connection with the philadelphia eagles. Joe douglas and joe flacco who drafted where the want super bowl with the baltimore ravens. So there's that always that connection you can always go to. Guys are picked up later in their career. So for joe. Douglas bringing in a joe flacco you think about what he was doing with the jets in terms of the situation there. And then you've got the philadelphia eagles their same type of thing that raven connections. So i think when you look backing up jalen hurts right now. I don't think he's a threat. I think jalen that guy get jomar chase and go four with him and help jalen hurts and then reassess after the year's over that's what they will do that influence with the raven organization in philadelphia as a factor. I think it's a factor throughout the green and there always is joe. Flacco is a good backup came in the league. Same your matt ryan did and that ryan slow playing great football of course super bowl but Joe flacco did. But i think it's a good situation to have joe flacco there behind. The jalen hurts. Jalen hurts gets hurt. Your season's not over joke and still play. But i think this is jalen team right now. I thought it was carson wentz's team that didn't work out. But i think if you get your march help jalen hurts and then you make your decision air to this year whether in the twenty twenty two draft you have to think about drafting. A young quarterback failed. Same question to you. Does this mean in your mind that the eagles are out of the quarterback market at six. It does not greedy in. Here's a simple reason. Why i agree with everything else that i'm going to double back to that in just a moment. I just have long believed that if you are convinced. A player can be a franchise quarterback that if he's available at six. You have to at least consider it. If you're philadelphia. Now that being said all the indications this offseason from the previous reporting from more about the eagles plan to build around jalen hurts this year plus the signing of joe flacco which at least gives them a veteran option at the very least relatively modest priced by the way three point five million dollars. There are so many signs at the plan. This year is to find ways to make jalen hurts better so i still believe that ultimately the eagles are gonna be in prime position to land one of the best pass catchers in this year's draft a quarterback should not be entirely ruled out. And that's just me having seen the league long enough to know that sometimes teams do things the catch us by surprise even if they should not have caught us by surprise

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