New York Mets vs Miami Marlins game ends in controversy


New york. Yesterday we saw one of the biggest controversies early in the early season. The mets in the marlins. What a game. This was in the bottom of the ninth inning. Jeff mcneil came to the plate for the mets with new york. Down by run may play mcneil to pull the outfield three. And one the count bass to the belp. Here's the pitch swing a fly ball to right field. Well hit to fall back still going at the track. That's gone mcneil. Doesn't he leads off the bottom of the night with the game tied holder. And this baby's all even to the mets would go on and load the bases two outs michael conforto at the plate. Here's the call. On the marlins radio network now the one to forte three called it got him in the arm. No now they're going to send them to first base. He hit him with the pitch and the ball games over the opening up our initially signaled strike three then he said no it hit them. Don mattingly's out to argue. The mets are celebrating. Walk off three two win. Glenn geffner nine forty. Winz here was the call on wcbs. Mets radio network now the to pitch breaking ball in their strike. Three call victim on the arm. The game is over. It was called a strike initially but then it was ruled that the ball hit conforto. Michael gets to first base and on the mets television network. Those guys did a great job on essen. Y going crazy saying come on. He obviously stuck his elbow out as the ball is passing him and you saw the reaction from the to a radio broadcast bolted. Them saw the strike. three call. By ron copa

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