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Rules of change. So now it's a 10 year tenure distributions, like also, really, you have to take the assets that over a 10 year period. Okay, so I apologize on that. Yeah, that would be a 10 year distribution on that. So you would definitely not want to co mingle that because if you did, you would accelerate the taxes all not one year. Okay, So you know if it was a million dollar IRA, and then you would pay 40 50% taxes. Wow. State federal income taxes on that on that on that roll over s O. You would never want to do that. So you want to take him out over a 10 year period and pay the taxes over that 1/10 per year. Okay s Oh, that's I guess, actually good question. The rules have changed recently relative to inherit. I raise. There's some planning. It needs to be done relative to that, Um, that can help to mitigate the taxes further on that some of state Finding things that we can do, but you need to do hopefully before that person passes s O okay, but another good question. Excellent question. David's time. First open up the phone lines to the viewing audience at home. Can you tell them what they can expect to receive this week? By calling in? Yes. So we're happy to give again for years we've been doing our second opinions are retired blueprints for race. Financial architecture for 15 years now. We're offering the same thing to our television listeners. We appreciate you listening. So what I do for everybody who's listening. I'll go for if you have a least half a million dollars or more, I will do a confidential retirement review. A second opinion, our over your taxes, we'll look at your your your fees your pain on your investments. The rescue having your portfolio will actually give you accomplished Retirement income plan. Many plan on do this complimentary surcharge $1000 to do this for clients, But we decided years ago to do this on my commentary basis. We just find if clients go through this process, there's a high propensity for us to end up working together. If we don't That's OK. I love to help you with this again. If you wanna give us a call for

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