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There, hoping that it opens conversation for why this hasn't been done sooner. They're hoping that it stands as a precedent, and it encourages other officers across the country that when they see their colleagues doing something they shouldn't be doing or abusing the badge, so to speak, that they report them and call them out so that they can maintain integrity for the policing industry itself. In this case specifically, obviously we have the video. Many many people have seen it, you know, shove in kneeling on Floyd's neck for over nine minutes. That's different on you made mention in the article, too. You know it's different than the act of shooting somebody, which does require those split second decisions, whether right or wrong, you know, those can be argued on their own cases. But this is different. It's not that case of like, Oh, man, I'm scared for my life. I shot him. This was this deliberate act that took place over the course of minutes and this could be another reason. Why these other officers are speaking out against that that it was wrong because it wasn't that split second decision.

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