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Asleep longer and longer Sequel Pure Z's all Night Fall asleep and Stay asleep. Davison Droney WBC's traffic on the Threes 48 degrees in Boston. Right now, mostly cloudy this afternoon and foggy too much cooler as well with some late day showers High near 55 damp and chilly tonight with those scattered showers, continuing dropping to about 44 degrees. Cloudy, breezy and relatively cool tomorrow with light showers high near 50 raw and chilly on Tuesday, with some Passing rain showers High around 48. More rain is likely on Wednesday mostly cloudy. We're headed up to about 51 degrees live local and fiercely independent. This is WBC news radio. Good Sunday afternoon to you. Thank you So much for listening. I'm Tina Gal here. The five things you need to know. At 12 15 police investigating after a grandmother was shot and killed in George Custer while she sat on her front porch last night. Police warning residents in Newton to please love their doors and windows after a syriza break ins Friday night, Massachusetts beating ST Cloud State five zip last night to win the program's first NC, double a men's hockey title. Hartford, Connecticut Community is in mourning today after a pair of deadly shootings

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