He did bring back to Maine. If Eddie and I know he has a chance to start them,


Mentioned offensive line third, and I've been trying to state a case that Last five or six games of the season last year, when they brought in sand muster for they brought in. You know the guys, they they had their on the offensive line. They seem to play very well in every time I bring it up to someone, they say, but they played terrible teams. And you know, it's like Ditka used to say, Listen, we can only play who's on the schedule. We can only be who's on the schedule. What was your opinion of the offensive line the last several games and you think it's something that can carry through as the season begins this year? I think both things are true. I think that Sam must Dipper. The love that sandwich forgot from his coaches and teammates. I can't tell you the last time I heard a player who is almost universally praised like that. And this is a guy who You know it does not look good with a shirt off is not an impressive Testament,

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